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About Me

The ‘About Me’. As essential as it is pointless. Found on every website, blog, and social network profile. How can I expect to sum up all of who I am in a simple ‘About Me’. But still, here’s my attempt to give you the crash course about Janahan Gnanachandran (that’s me).

I’m a Computer Science professional who is passionate about Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Mining, Visualization, Economics and Quantitative Finance. After all, the human mind is a wide-ranging thing. Currently, I am working as a Big Data and Analytics consultant.

My favorite time passes are playing tennis, photography, hiking, playing keyboard, long drives, aquariums and cooking. I do what I love and I love what I do.

Thank you very much for reading that intro so far and I hope you like what you see on this site and enjoy.